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FEB 11, 2019

Black Imagination Matters, a lecture by V. Mitch McEwen

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NOV 30, 2018

“Impact HIV/AIDS”

Join our partners at the Griot Museum for a film screening and panel discussion.

NOV 9, 2018

The Sentence

Film Screening of Rudy Valdez’s “The Sentence,” with an introduction and post-film discussion by Tila Neguse, Project Coordinator of The Divided City Initiative.

More information on this film and the St. Louis International Film Festival available here.

NOV 2, 2018

Strategies for Urban & Social Articulations with Jorge Mario Jáuregui

More information about this event and the Informal Cities workshop available here.

NOV 2, 2018

“KHF” A documentary film screening.

During the summer of 2018, as a part of his Divided City research fellowship, Oguz Alyanak, traveled to France to conduct research on this film project.


OCT 22, 2018

Divided City 2022 Launch Event

OCT 1, 2018

Divided City Graduate Fellows Presentations 2018

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SEPT 13, 2018

Black Love and Black Rage in America: The Burden of Hope, a lecture by Christopher Lebron

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MAY 10-11, 2018

Summer City Seminar: A Compendium of the Divided City

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APR 30, 2018

Tale of Two Cities: Documenting Our Divides

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APR 28, 2018

The Color of Medicine: The Story of Homer G. Phillips Hospital

APR 27-28, 2018

Dwell in Other Futures: Art/ Urbanism/ Midwest

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APR 16, 2018

Spring Symposium: Technologies of Segregation in Early Modern Italian Cities

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APR 5, 2018

City Seminar: The Conundrum of Gentrification: Five Questions for Historians with Suleiman Osman

MAR 30, 2018

Mobility for All by All: Collisions: Transit and Hip-Hop


FEB 9-28, 2018

FEB 28, 2018

City Seminar: “The Metallurgical Metropolis: Re-thinking the Materiality and Historicity of Metal in the Caribbean Securityscape” with Kimberley McKinson

FEB 21, 2018

City Seminar: Revanchist Kigali: Minor Architecture in a “World-Class” City with Samuel Shearer

FEB 20, 2018

City Seminar: Building Suburban Power: The Design of America’s Segregated Housing Market with Paige Glotzer

FEB 9, 2018

City Seminar: “This Might As Well Be Prison”: Homeless Shelters, Black Sex Offenders, and Hyper-Surveillance with Terrance Wooten

NOV 29, 2017

Segregation by Design

NOV 16, 2017

An Impossible Dream? Racial Integration in the United States

NOV 12, 2017

The Blood Is at the Doorstep

Film Screening and Discussion as a part of the St. Louis International Film Festival, Moderated by Divided City Project Director, Tila Neguse

More information on this film and the St. Louis International Film Festival available here.




NOV 10, 2017

Visualizing Renaissance Histories: A Symposium on Digital Narratives and 16th Century Florence and Venice

More information available here.

OCT 26, 2017

Charting the American Bottom


OCT 19, 2017

Noon in the City: A Contemporary Tale of DuBois’s 7th Ward in Philadelphia

OCT 11, 2017

Mapping LGBTQ St. Louis


OCT 6-7, 2017

Eminent Domain/ Displaced


OCT 5, 2017

City Seminar: Sense & the City with Neil Goldberg

SEPT 25, 2017

City Seminar: Divided City Graduate Student Summer Research Fellows