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Informal Cities Workshop

The Informal Cities Workshop is a three-day experience researching the morphology and the morphogenesis of the informal city, as it evolves to be an integral phenomenon of global urbanism, and the corresponding historical, economic, social, architectural, and urban theory. Today, one billion people live in informal cities (36% of the world’s population) and this is expected to grow another one billion over the next thirty years. As it is currently evolving, the informal city is an urban phenomenon set up within the planned city’s territory and increasingly an integral part of it.

The Divided City, as a part of the Informal Cities workshop, will host Jorge Mario Jauregui. Mr. Jauregui is the project director and founder of Atelier Metropolitano, a Rio de Janeiro based multidisciplinary firm of engineers, sociologists, legal specialists, and cultural and communication consultants working under the guidance of a design team. Mr. Jauregui is a prominent urbanist and lead architect behind some of the most prominent design-led projects in the Rio Favelas. His work focuses on public interest projects in formal and informal areas of cities.

The workshop will be led by Jorge Mario Jauregui and will open with a public lecture on November 2nd at 12:15 PM.

If you are interested in participating in the full workshop, please contact us at

Informal Cities Workshop 2018